This feature requires to be connected to the internet. Clicking on the icon will create a scrollable bubble of the event as per the map heading of all non-living individuals at that particular place. Further clicking on any individual in the bubble with take you to the event and other close family individuals. You also have a choice, at the right of the map of 3 other versions of the map, for example, a Satellite view of the map, a Hybride view of the map and a Terrain view of the map. However places with more specific location descriptions, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, cemeteries may not show up in this icon listing but can be found using the Places Index. To zoom in closer in individual areas just click on the + sign above the scale ladder at the left, to zoom out just click on the - sign below the scale ladder. To return to the default settings click on the center square above the + sign where directional arrows are shown for left, right, up and down.

Please note that the location icons do not pinpoint a specific grid reference for an event, simply a general location, such as a town.