Please note that the search executes in your browser, so with the large size of the Project website the "Search Form" may not work on small devices such as iPhones, etc. If the "Search Form" does not work, simply click on the "Master Index" tab at the top of the page and scroll through the names to manually search for your target family. This "Search Form" supports two wildcard characters, "?" and "*". The "?" character matches any single character, and "*" matches any string of characters. The given pattern must match at word boundaries in the associated data field. So, for example, the pattern "wood" will match a surname of "Wood", but not "Atwood" or "Woodbury". The pattern "wood*" will match "Wood" or "Woodbury", but not "Atwood". The pattern "*wood*" will match "Atwood", "Wood", and "Woodbury".


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