The descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne, (Feb 1622 - 17 Jan 1683). Variations of his surname include: Chaigné, Chainay, Chainé, Chainey, Cheeney, Chenay, Chené, Cheney, Chenez, Chénier, Chesnay, Chesné, Chesney, Chesnier and Shaney. There are others but they are few in numbers. Bertrand Chesnay arrived in Québec around 1650 and became a prominent and well to do business man. He had a large piece of land, a Seigneurie, near present day Château-Richer, about 10 miles east of Québec City. He also had a hotel in Lower Québec City, a drinking and room service establishment combined. He was also a fisherman, roaming up and down the St. Lawrence River catching and selling his fish. His detailed personal history can be found on my website at: Please enjoy what I have of his descendants to this day.